Kathryn Louise is an experienced wedding photographer who offers boudoir photoshoots to help women feel better in their skin.

Kathryn Louise is an experienced wedding photographer and got into boudoir to help women feel better in their own skin. She’s been doing boudoir photoshoots for almost four years and loves being able to share a fun and empowering environment with others. Kathryn offers a private home for her client sessions.

Tell us all about your business? I offer a range of sessions to cater to different needs. Some are themed, and I’ve been loving doing food boudoir sessions lately! Other offers include a basic investment with just digital images, couple’s sessions, and my most popular with brides includes a presentation box with prints of all images purchased from the photoshoot.

What’s your mission for every couple who chooses your business? My mission with boudoir is to help others feel better in their own skin. We all have a perceived image in our heads of what we look like but that image is never what others actually see. These sessions are a great gift for your significant other because they are so personal and intimate, but they are also an amazing experience which I think every person needs to have at least once in their lives.

Bonus tip about your business? Everyone gets nervous but it’s well worth taking that step and booking. I offer advice where needed, as well as in-person consultations if you would prefer to meet before booking. It’s best to work with someone you trust and gel with. During the session, I will help give direction with posing and what to do – you won’t need to think about a thing!


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