Maria at Sefton Flowers grows and supplies seasonally cut florals with a range of annual and perennial flowers and foliage available for your special day.

Boutique North Canterbury flower farm Sefton Flowers use permaculture and organic growing principles as they strive to be kinder to you and to the planet. Sefton Flowers are grown with love in North Canterbury offering flowers and foliage for your wedding day, for you to create stunning floral arrangements your way.

Tell us all about your business? Hi, I’m Maria owner/grower for Sefton Flowers, North Canterbury. Friends have often told me they’d wish they’d been able to create their own bouquets and floral arrangements for their wedding day. Partly to reduce costs, partly to support local growers in the area, but mainly to create something unique and special for the couple on their wedding day. Sefton Flowers is here to help you with that.

We offer seasonally grown flowers and foliage that’s kind to you and to the planet, for you to pick at our flower farm and take home – where you get to create your own stunning floral arrangements your way for your special day.

What’s your mission for every couple who chooses your business? To enhance your special day by providing flowers and foliage for stunning arrangements you create especially for your wedding day.

Bonus tip about your business? Please contact us to arrange a visit to the flower farm and ask about our Snip & Snack package.



T. 0210 297 6401