Who doesn’t want a little bit of “wow” at their wedding! Here are our picks for perfect “wow” moments at your North Canterbury Wedding!

Entertain your guests and receive a piece of art at the end of it! Mandy Boyd – The Wedding Painter, we blimmin love your work!
This wine label gives 100% of its profits to charity. Choose wine for your wedding with a difference – 27seconds.
Arrive in style with Canterbury Kombi Chauffeur

Ensure your guests have a safe trip to your wedding with Charlie’s Double Decker

Get creative with these awesome carts from Creative Cart Co

Hire handmade bud vases to bring a touch of colour and class – by Katie Jenssen

Have you ever met a person who doesn’t like ice cream? Bring some “wow” with Rollin’ Pedaler
Dress these igloos up however you like – or choose one of their themes! Igloo 360